headlamp led torch-18650 headlamp

★The imported Cree Q5 LED bulb from America performs with high luminance and long service life exceeding 100,000 hours. The problem on changing bulbs is eliminated. 
★Optical lens
★All the parts of the headlamp led torch-18650 headlamp are made of super light plastics except for the light holder. The weight of the product is reduced so that it can move lightly and freely. 
★This product features high resistance against water, rain and corrosion. It is easy for this product to overcome the severe wild environment. 
★It performs with three modes including low luminance, high luminance and strode. 
★ This product uses a 2600mA lithium battery for long time operation. In the high luminance mode, it can last 3 hours for reference and longer time for disconnected use. 
★ It also employ the elastic belt, which is made based on the ergonomics and humanized design concept. Users will not feel tired with the product on the head for a long time. This product is as light as the sunbonnet and it is very stylish.

Application: Exploring, mining, mountain climbing, fishing, camping, walking outside at night, reading, riding a bicycle, lighting, etc.

Characteristics: The battery box of the product is settled on the rear of the head so as to reduce the weight of the lamp. Moreover, this product is convenient for wearing. With the aluminum alloy housing, it can resist wind, rain and corrosion, adapting to the poor outdoor environment easily.

Material: The light holder is made of aluminum alloy.
LED: Cree Q5 LED with strong white light 
Luminance: 260lm, the effective shooting range of the strong light is 100m. 
Battery: 1× 18650 lithium ion battery (the battery and charger should be prepared by customers.) 
Circuit: Constant current drive circuit 
Illumining: Over 3 hours or according to the actual capacity of the battery 
Dimension: Expended length 18cm, width 6cm, height 4.5cm 
Weight: 95g
Switch: Button switch on the top with three modes including high luminance, low luminance and strode

Other merits: CNC processed aluminum alloy housing, ABS engineering plastics with frosted surface that is slip resistant, sphere optical glass lens 
Features: This headlamp led torch-18650 headlamp combines light focusing, lightweight and high luminance. The elastic belt on head contains Lycra component and it is very comfortable. The three gears of light shifting can be accomplished easily by hand. Moreover, it is simply to control the product to lock the designate object. With the improved safety, this headlamp led torch-18650 headlamp is a good helper in the outdoor travel.